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More investors are looking for new, higher revenue streams to add to their portfolio.

With Fitzrovia Finance, your investments are in safe hands. As part of the Alpha Real Capital group, we have proven property lending market expertise and we have never had a default on any of our loans.

We stand by our rigorous due diligence processes and are well-positioned to provide risk-controlled access to secured property loans to those investors looking for higher income.

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Earn tax-free income from the Fitzrovia Finance IFISA

Open an IFISA with us and invest in our premium secured property loans to earn 5.5%* tax-free.

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Facts and figures

Our capital markets expertise combined with a research and knowledge-led process, allows us to drive high risk-adjusted returns for our investors.



Expert Management

£150m of loans funded

100 years accumulated experience



Security Coverage

1.5X asset coverage with

first charge security



Proven lending process

to minimise risks

About us

Led by a seasoned investment management team specialising in real estate lending, Fitzrovia Finance offers investment opportunities in property backed loans, previously available to institutional investors. Property backed lending is not new; what Fitzrovia introduces to the market is a robust "7 Steps risk controls" process of vetting borrowers, to minimise risks, while maximising investors' returns of 5.5%* p.a.

Our specialist team at the heart of Fitzrovia Finance have an established track record of over £150m in secured property lending. With 100 years of combined expert management experience, our platform offers a safer choice to savvy investors.

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