Fitzrovia Finance: Invest. Borrow. Property Backed Lending Experts.

Invest. Borrow.
Property Backed Lending Experts.

Investors can earn 5.5%* p.a. returns on our property backed loans.

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Facts and figures

Capital markets expertise combined with a research and knowledge-led process. Our approach drives high risk-adjusted returns for investors.



Expert Management

£100m of loans funded

100 years accumulated experience



Security Coverage

1.5X asset coverage with

first charge security



Risk Control

Process With Our

7 Steps risk controls

It’s time to Invest and Borrow.

As an established provider of secured property loans, Fitzrovia Finance is a major player in financing projects for experienced property developers and property investors in the UK.

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About us

Led by a seasoned investment management team specialising in real estate, Fitzrovia Finance offers investment opportunities in property backed loans, previously available to institutional investors. Property backed lending is not new; what Fitzrovia introduces to the market is a robust “7 Steps risk controls” process of vetting borrowers, to minimise risks, while maximising investors’ returns of 5.5%* p.a.

Our specialist team at the heart of Fitzrovia Finance have an established track record of over £100m in secured property lending. With 100 years of combined expert management experience, our platform offers a safer choice to savvy investors.

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