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How it works

Online secured property lending marketplace dealing with low risk residential and commercial real estate.


Online property lending is the name given to the process of combining multiple investments made by individuals or institutional investors into a single funding line, which purpose is to finance a unique real estate project. This model allows investors to diversify risk across several property financing opportunities and to earn excellent returns of 5.5%* p.a., while opening up a competitive venue for borrowers to access funding.

Fitzrovia Finance has in addition a genuine operating model to mitigate against the risk of loss of capital, we exclusively do property backed lending and we secure our loans solely against expertly vetted property development and investment projects. Learn More About How We Manage Risk.

Once we have ensured that only top quality opportunities are made available on our marketplace, we match lenders to the borrowers. Not only is the platform user friendly, but it is completely transparent. If you have any questions, you can count on us; our team are always on hand to help. Please contact us.

Whether you are interested in investing on the platform or intend to apply for funding, our processes are explained below.

Borrowers get started in 3 easy steps


    In order to expedite your application, complete an online questionnaire so we can get back to you.

  • LOAN

    Our dedicated Loan Officer will make contact to take you through our fast underwriting process and answer any questions you may have.


    Once approved, your Loan Officer will facilitate access to funding.


    We can make funds available as soon as you require it.

Property listed on the platform

Lends new capital to borrowers

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Sells loan parts and distributes interest

Investors earn from day one


    Earn an excellent return of 5.5%* p.a. on your investment!


    Sign up for and set up an online account on our investment platform.


    Deposit funds in your account when you are ready. The minimum investment size is £100.


    Pick your preferred Fitzrovia Finance investment product and start lending.

Platform access in 3 easy steps

Our two exclusive investment products

Fitzrovia Freedom

Browse the property investment opportunities available on the Fitzrovia Finance marketplace and select the options that interest you. Choose the amount you wish to invest, subject to a minimum investment of £100. The loans will be subsequently be visible on your dashboard and will be serviced automatically.

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Fitzrovia Smart

Simply choose the amount you wish to invest. Subject to a minimum investment of £100, our Fitzrovia Smart investment tool will always seek to diversify your funds from the pool of available loans, across a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 loans. Once deployed, the loans will be visible on your dashboard and will be serviced automatically.

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Get Started

The first step is usually the most important one, whether you are interested in earning competitive returns on your investments or wish to access funding.

Learn more about why Fitzrovia Finance is right for you.