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Innovative Finance ISA

Also known as an IFISA, the government-led scheme allows you to invest up to £20,000 p.a., earning some of the best tax-free returns within the ISA market.

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Capital at risk

No FSCS protection

5.5 %*
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What is an Innovative Finance ISA?

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Traditional Cash ISA

A tax-free ISA,
interest earning lending investment

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A tax-free, interest earning, lending investment

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Stocks & shares isa

A tax-free equity investment account providing access into a range of investments

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Why choose an IFISA?

An IFISA is a product that sits between the traditional cash ISA and a Stocks & Shares ISA which allows savers to receive tax-free interest on funds invested through lending platforms, such as Fitzrovia Finance.

You can use your annual £20,000 allowance or transfer an existing ISA to start earning 5.5%* on your investments with either of our products, Fitzrovia Freedom or Fitzrovia Smart.

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Setting up your IFISA couldn't be simpler. Once you have registered on the Fitzrovia Finance platform, you can simply add funds to your IFISA wallet. From there, you decide how much you want to invest, in the opportunities of your choice.

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It takes less than 1minute to open an account

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Assessing your risk

We take a case-by-case approach to our property lending decisions. Our Loan Officers follow our rigorous 7 steps risk control process, evaluating each loan request individually. A large number of criteria are taken into consideration when risk assessing a borrower and appraising a loan.

By doing this, as well as only offering loans secured by a first charge, we can mitigate risk to our investors.

YOUR IFISA is not protected by THE fscs and your capital is at risk.
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